Silver Rapids bullets are the next generation lead cast bullets. They have a lead alloy core which is encased in a tough, durable polymer coating. The polymer (polyester) jacket is thermally bonded to the core. This means no lead exposure, no lead fouling in the barrel, no lube build-up on reloading equipment and no smoke on the firing line.

Silver Rapids CDS (Pty) LTD is active within the sport shooting community. We are very pleased to have been able to sponsor prizes at the SADPA Northern Nationals 2019. We were also a sponsor of the 3 Gun Nation two day shoot held at Cecil Payne Shooting Range on the 26th & 27th October 2019. We also sponsor a local SAPSA shooter, Grant Chancellor-Maddison who has recently won his division at the SAPSA nationals competition held in PE.

In our initial launch phase we have delivered nearly 1.5 million bullets and have received very positive feedback and great reviews.

Our core focus is on producing high quality, economical bullets for sport shooters. To this end, we manufacture 125gr 9mmP bullets as this caters to the vast majority of sport shooters.